• Learn to Drive at any age
    from 14+ to test standard
  • 60 Hectare Site
    with full road layout
  • Gift Vouchers Available
    Ideal for Birthday and Christmas Gifts
  • It's really good ...
    ... I learnt everything really quickly,
    I passed first time!
    Shane Darward
  • My Sister and I ...
    ... both passed our test first time!
    Laura Wiseman
  • They are BRILLIANT :) ...
    ... I really enjoyed my lessons
    Jessica Graham
  • Started at aged 16 ...
    ... Very Friendly, Passed first time!
    Richard Gibbon

Driving Lessons in Carlisle - Start from the age of 14 to any age.

It's quite a scary place to learn to drive on today's busy road systems, especially with Carlisle's one way system - so why don't you start somewhere safer, with no traffic, so that you can learn to control a car before testing the roads.

New Starters Driving School has access to a full 60 hectare site with large tarmac area and road layout, just on the outskirts of Carlisle.

We can teach you how to set off safely, pull up safely, steer correctly, use the gears and clutch, engine breaking and even how to do a hill start all on your first lesson. With as little risk as possible as there's no other traffic.

You can come back and learn how to do T junctions and all your manouvers before risking the roads.

Our driving instructor, Stephen Philipson, is a fully qualified, DBS checked, DVSA approved driving instructor. He has been teaching for over 5 years with an excellent pass rate. So if you want, we would love it if you stayed with us when you venture out on the highways, 

Don't forget, we do Gift Vouchers as well!

  • Nathan copping

    Well done to nathan copping who passed his test with new starters driving school, we asked Nathan to review us and this is what he had to say.

    When looking for an instructor he wanted someone with a good pass rate and that he could get on with. His instructor John Wardles teaching methods were relaxed and he made Nthan feel comfortable about driving. We asked Nathan if he would recommend us and his reply was yes as hie instructor was very good and he always got regular lessons, he couldnt think of anything to improve on as he thought everything was excellent.

  • Callum copping

    Callum copping passed with our instructor John wardle and reviewed us with..............

    When looking for an instructor the most important criteria was there pass rate with other factors being he had to be able to learn everything to pass his test. Learning to drive with John went really well and he found him easy to get along with from the start. Callum would recommend new starters driving school because he had an excellent instructor.

  • Catherine Jackson

    Congratulations Catherine Jackson on passing first time with John collins at new starters driving school. Catherine had started her lessons on our pre learner driving site in Houghton and had this to say about New starters............

    When looking for an instructor Catherine wanted someone with a past experence and was recommeneded (Catherines brother passed with John previously), sher also wanted someone who she was comfortable with whilst learning. When learning to drive Catherine found the experience better than she had expected and her instructors teaching methods were clear and easy to understand. She would recommend new starters as she found it a fun and friendly experience

  • Caitlin Maxwell

    Cailin Maxwell passed in Cralisle with John wardle at new starters drivin school.

    Caitlin told us that the most important criteria when choosing an instructor was that they had to be friendly, she had to feel at ease and not feel as if she was being scored for everything. She expected her driving experince to take longer than it did and it was also alot easier than she had initially thought. Her instructors teaching methods were easy to follow and John was a fab instructor. Caitlin added that she would recommmend New starters driving school as she couldn't have had a better instructor and experience, She also added there was nothing that she would have improved on.

  • Sarah Baldwin

    Sarah Baldwin passed in Carlisle with New starters driving schools instructor John Wardle....

    Sarah said that when choosing an instructor they had to have good recommendations. When learning to drive in comparison to what Sarah had expected it was harder but she found that her instructors teaching methods were very informative and she added she would definatly recommend New starters driving school. The only thing Sarah would have improved on was she would have liked a reminder message for lesson days, pick up place and times.

  • Tia boertien 2

    Congratulations to Tia Boertien who passed with new starters instructor John Wardle in Carlisle, Tia reviewed our services and had this to say....................................

    When looking for an instructor the most important bcriteria was the instructors reputation and Tia had already been told that John was a good instructor to go wth for lessons. When driving Tia found her instructors teaching methods excellent and she has added she would recommend new starters and there was nothing she could think of to improve our services.

  • Jack little

    Jack little passed with new starters driving schools instructor Stephen, he has said that when looking for a driving instructor he wanted one that was highly recommended and well known, when learning to drive he found that it was a calmer experience than he had expected and alot more fun than he thought it would be. Jack told us that his instructors teaching methods were brilliant and that he would recommend new starters.

  • Sophie wardle

    Sophie Wardle passed with new starters driving school in Carlisle, Sophie reviewed New starters driving school............

    When looking for an instructor Sophie wanted someone with a good reputation and somewhere she could start to learn before she was 17 years old, Sophie gained her confidence and car handling before heading onto the busy roads on our pre-learner site in Houghton, Carlisle. When learning to drive Sophie said that her off road experience had made the transition to public roads far less daunting. Sophie found her instructor John Wardles teaching methods very responsive to her performance and his feedback in particular areas of concern. Sophie would definately recommend New starters driving school as she was satisfied with the whole experience.

  • Craig Mccaul

    Well done to Craig Mccaul who passed with our new starters instructor Mark Hampton.

    Craig wrote back to us with this review.............

    When looking for an instructor Craig wanted someone who was easily accessible, had a good price, was a local business and had a good track record. When learning to drive he found it far easier than he had expected and much quicker to pick up than  with his previous instructors, Craig found his instructors teaching methods were very engaging, clear and added that pens on the window is genious. Craig has added that he would recommend new starters as lessons are indepth and engaging and he has also added to keep doing what we are doing as its working.

    Thank you Craig for your review and we wish you safe driving for life 

  • Megan Mcmanus

    Megan Mcmanus passed with our new starters instructor Kenny in Carlisle.

    When looking for an instructor Megan wanted someone who was friendly, approachable and well informed as well as having good reviews. Other important factors were the instructors teaching methods. When learning to drive Megan said that after having lessons previously with another instructor she had expected to hate it but said that Kenny made it enjoyable and relaxed so Megans confidence grew and it was great. She added that her instructors teaching methods were brilliant and that she would definately recommend new starters as teaching methods and instructors are great. Megan also said she couldnt think of anything to improve our services but did note maybe the price but she said new starters were well worth every penny of the price.

    Thank you Megan for your review and we look forward to seeing you out and about on the roads.

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“The Cumbria Road Safety Partnership congratulates and endorses the New Starters Driving School of Carlisle in the innovative approach used in their teaching of road craft to young drivers.”