• Learn to Drive at any age
    from 14+ to test standard
  • 60 Hectare Site
    with full road layout
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  • It's really good ...
    ... I learnt everything really quickly,
    I passed first time!
    Shane Darward
  • My Sister and I ...
    ... both passed our test first time!
    Laura Wiseman
  • They are BRILLIANT :) ...
    ... I really enjoyed my lessons
    Jessica Graham
  • Started at aged 16 ...
    ... Very Friendly, Passed first time!
    Richard Gibbon

Driving Lessons in Carlisle - Start from the age of 14 to any age.

It's quite a scary place to learn to drive on today's busy road systems, especially with Carlisle's one way system - so why don't you start somewhere safer, with no traffic, so that you can learn to control a car before testing the roads.

New Starters Driving School has access to a full 60 hectare site with large tarmac area and road layout, just on the outskirts of Carlisle.

We can teach you how to set off safely, pull up safely, steer correctly, use the gears and clutch, engine breaking and even how to do a hill start all on your first lesson. With as little risk as possible as there's no other traffic.

You can come back and learn how to do T junctions and all your manouvers before risking the roads.

Our driving instructor, Stephen Philipson, is a fully qualified, DBS checked, DVSA approved driving instructor. He has been teaching for over 5 years with an excellent pass rate. So if you want, we would love it if you stayed with us when you venture out on the highways.

New Starters Driving School Carlisle now does Trailer Training

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  • Rhiannon Armstrong

    A big congratulations to Rhiannon Armstrong who passed with our new starters instructor Gemma.

    We asked Rhiannon what she thought and she had this to say......

    When looking for an instructor Rhiannon wanted someone who was patient and who could help her to build her confirdence. Rhiannon found learning to drive much easier than she had initially expected and she found her instructors teaching metods were helpful and useful. Rhiannon has added that she would recommend us as she was able to pass first time and her recommendation for improving our services would be that all students have a lesson with a different instructor close to test as this helped Rhiannon.

    Thank you for reviewing us Rhiannon and safe driving for life

  • Sarah hodgeson

    Congratulations Sarah on your test pass with John Collins.

    Sarah started her driving on our pre learner driving site in Houghton and said that this was an important factor when choosing and instructor as well as that they had to be pleasant. When learning to drive Sarah added that there is alot more to it than she had initially thought but found her instructors teaching methods were excellent and she really enjoyed her experience.

    Well done Sarah and we look forward to seeing you out and about on the roads.

  • David Leigh

    Congratulations David on passing with New starters driving school.

    David took his lessons with the New starters instructor John Wardle and had previously been on our pre-learner site to gain experience before going onto the busy roads.

    When choosing an instructor David wanted someone who was proffesional and who was up to date, he also wanted somewhere to practice before going onto the roads and with a good facebook feedback. When learning to drive david said it was good fun, more interesting and he learned more than he expected. His instructors teaching methods were brilliant and he said that the methods used to teach suited his needs. we asked David if he would recommend us and he replied, Yes definately learning to drive was fun, friendly and proffesional.

  • Victoria Carter

    Big congratulations to Victoria Carter on your test pass in Carlisle today with John Wardle.

    When looking for instructor Victoria wanted someone that was friendly and patient. She also wanted to know that she wasnt wasting time or money if it wasnt working out. Victoria found learning to drive incredibly fun and not as stressful as she thought. Her instructors teaching methods were easy to follow and she would recommend us as its an incredibly good school for people who are nervous about driving.

    Thank you Victoria and we look forward to seeing you out and about in your car

  • Will smith

    Well done on your first time test pass Will.

    when choosing a driving school we asked Will what the most important criteria was, he said that they had to be successful and affordable and also had to have good reviews. When learning to drive Will said it was less stressful than he thought it would be and that his instructors teaching methods were very good. Will told us that he would definitely recommend us and the reason was because we are very helpful, he also added that he wouldn't improve anything from our driving school.

  • Alice Watson

    Congratulations Alice on a well deserved test pass in Carlisle today from your instructor John Coliins.

    Alice reviewed us here at new starters and she had this to say................

    When starting with us Alice initially started on the pre learner site. She wanted an instructor who knew what the examiners were looking for, that was friendly and that knew the drivind test routes. When learning to drive Alice found that it wasnt as stressful. She found her instructors teaching methods were beneficial and that they were easy to rememeber. When asked about recommendations Alice said that she would recommend us as we are friendly and always looking to improve.

    Thank you Alice for your review and we hope to see you on the roads soon.

  • Emily Brown

    Well done to Emily Brown on your test pass in Carlisle with Stephen Philipson.

    When looking for an instructor Emily said that the most important thing for her was being able to do some off road driving lessons aswell as being able to meet her instructor before going out onto the public roads, she also wanted an instructor who came highly recommended. When learning to drive Emily found it much more relaxed and her instructors teaching methods were very informative. Emily has said that she would recommend New starters driving school and she couldn't think of anything to improve.

  • Julio Boyling

    Congartulations to Julio on your test pass today in Carlsiel. Julio was a part of our 4 musketeers today as we had 4 students at the same test time same test day and all 4 passed together............

    Julio started on our pre learner site in Houghton Carlisle and had his lessons with John Wardle......

    When looking for an instructor Julio wanted someone that was eaily accessable and that had a good reputation. When learning to drive it was as he had expected and he found his instructors teaching methods very good. He added he would recommend new starters as there was always clear instruction, we were well organised and friendly.

    Thank you Julio for yor review and we look forward to seeing you out and about soon.

  • Sarah Baldwin

    Sarah Baldwin passed in Carlisle with New starters driving schools instructor John Wardle....

    Sarah said that when choosing an instructor they had to have good recommendations. When learning to drive in comparison to what Sarah had expected it was harder but she found that her instructors teaching methods were very informative and she added she would definatly recommend New starters driving school. The only thing Sarah would have improved on was she would have liked a reminder message for lesson days, pick up place and times.

  • Megan Mcmanus

    Megan Mcmanus passed with our new starters instructor Kenny in Carlisle.

    When looking for an instructor Megan wanted someone who was friendly, approachable and well informed as well as having good reviews. Other important factors were the instructors teaching methods. When learning to drive Megan said that after having lessons previously with another instructor she had expected to hate it but said that Kenny made it enjoyable and relaxed so Megans confidence grew and it was great. She added that her instructors teaching methods were brilliant and that she would definately recommend new starters as teaching methods and instructors are great. Megan also said she couldnt think of anything to improve our services but did note maybe the price but she said new starters were well worth every penny of the price.

    Thank you Megan for your review and we look forward to seeing you out and about on the roads.

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“The Cumbria Road Safety Partnership congratulates and endorses the New Starters Driving School of Carlisle in the innovative approach used in their teaching of road craft to young drivers.”