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    It's really good, I learnt everything really quickly,
    I passed first time!

    Shane Darward

  • Slide 05

    My Sister and I both passed our test first time!

    Laura Wiseman

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    They are BRILLIANT :) I really enjoyed my lessons

    Jessica Graham

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    Started at aged 16, very friendly, passed first time!

    Richard Gibbon

New Starters Blog

Dec 28, 2016

Emily passed first time in Carlisle

Huge congratulations to Emily Williamson who passed her driving test today in carlisle at her first attempt. Emily had a good drive and picked up only three minor faults.
No more getting the bus to school for Emily and her brother
Mam and dad will save money on those fares, to pay for Emily's insurance.
Emily started driving on New Starters off road site in Carlisle, where she learned all about car control, MSM routine, how to deal with turning right/left and approaching and emerging from junctions. Emily then moved on to the road on her birthday in October. Emily then had 11 one and a half hour lessons and one hour before her test, that's a total of 17 1/2 hours on road lessons.
Brilliant effort from Emily, congratulations from your instructor John Wardle and all at New Starters Driving School